EXT 120-T "Ultra" Ozone Generator

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The EXT 120-T "Ultra"(with Timer) Ozone Generator is the "commercial grade" model. It is the highest quality ozone generator available on the market for professional or home use, with a built in digital countdown timer. It produces a large range of medical-grade Ozone concentrations from medical-grade oxygen, and is built to last a lifetime. It can be mounted to a wall or a Plexiglas Frame to stand on a tabletop. Here are some of its popular features:

• Suitable for any protocols due to its full range of ozone concentrations (1ug/ml - 120ug/ml). By adjusting the oxygen flow to the ozone generator, there are over 50 different ozone concentrations available for every purpose you may have. Competitors' models can only provide up to half this number.

• Ozone Output - A chart is provided in the owner's manual showing how to achieve all the various ozone concentrations available from the EXT 120-T Ozone Generator.

• All internal components, including the glass electrode and Silicon tubing are Ozone resistant

• Ease of use-- Easy to read owner's manual plus the Oxygen Spa Superstore's free customer service and consultation to assist you.

Dual voltage power input!  Just plug into 110 or 220 v outlets and turn on!

• Quality, Professional Manufacturing - We have the inspections and seals of approval (ETL Approved) to show that this is the most state-of-the-art ozone generator available to the public. They are manufactured in a ISO 9000-registered factory.

• Can be mounted on a wall or stood up on a table top.

• Lifetime Warranty on the
Corona Discharge Tube 

EXT 120-T "Ultra" Ozone Generator™ Brochure --(Left click to open up the detailed brochure)

The EXT 120-T "Ultra" Ozonation System Package:

We offer the EXT 120-T "Ultra" Ozone Generator alone, or with added accessories that allow you to do water ozonation, ear insuflations, ozone breathing treatments, and other speciallized procedures. A package that allows our customers to do all of these procedures is listed below. This full package includes:

• EXT 120-T "Ultra" Ozone Generator with built-in digital countdown/automatic shut-off timer
• 240 or 640-liter Oxygen Tank
• Pediatric Oxygen Regulator (flows 1/32 - 4 lpm)
• 2- 60 ml Glass Bubblers
• 1- 500-ml Glass Ozonating Water Flask
• Catalytic Ozone Destruct Tube to destroy off gassing Ozone
• Tubing/Connectors Accessories Package
• Plexiglas Frame for table top stand or wall mount; or briefcase

You may delete any of these items that you do not need and we will deduct the value of these items from the purchase price. Call or write and we will be glad to custom-design a system for your specific needs.


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EXT 120 - T "Ultra" Ozone Generating System™ Package
Item No. 965-3507170  (Plus S&H, ditto all items below)




EXT 120-T "Ultra" alone
Item No. 265-3496843




Plexiglas Stand convertible to Wall Mount (Dual Purpose)
Item No. 645-3507186




Accessories Package-10’ Ozone Tubing, 10’ Oxygen Tubing, 5 Connectors
Item No. 269-3507220




Ozone Tubing/Fittings
Item No. 64-3787378




Large Glass Bubbler for Ozonating Water 500ml w glass top
Item No. 213-3507210




2-Small Water Bubblers (50ml, Glass top, Silicone Tube)
Item No. 124-3507203




Oxygen Tank 640 Liters
Item No. 774-3507189




Pediatric Oxygen Regulator 3LPM – 1/32 LPM
Item No. 991-3507197




Catalytic Ozone Destruct Unit
Item No. 168-3507213




Item No. 490-5450154




Oxygen Tank 240 liters
Item No. 12-3507254



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