O-95 Ozone Generator Brochure

Universal Power Supply

The O-95 comes standard with a VDC power supply system designed for worldwide use from 100 to 240 volts.  No step-down transformer is required.  The correct power adapter is included depending on the country.  Choose your plug style under Product Options above.

The Ozone Cells

The O-95 utilizes two pulse modulated ceramic cells.  These cells feature cold spark technology which produces stable ozone concentrations.  This results in a stronger, more efficient ozone production with maximum output and minimum high voltage input.  No cooling fan is required which keeps the ozone generator cleaner and increases the life of the machine.  The cells produce very little noise which is a result of efficient ozone production.  The lower the noise, the more efficient the ozone generation.

Cleanable Ozone Cells

Each ozone cell installed in the O-95 can be cleaned.  If you're not using an oxygen concentrator or medical oxygen tank, your oxygen source may be somewhat dirty, which causes the cells to acquire buildup over time.  While some other ozone generators cannot be cleaned, you can simply send in the O-95 for a quick cleaning and your machine will act like new.

Luer Lock Fittings

Our Luer Lock fittings allow you to securely attach tubing without the loosening and slipping that other generators can have.  We provide the Luer Lock adapters for your tubing free with your O-95.

What about the check valve?

The O-95 comes standard with a check valve.  This is recommended any time water is in use.  The check valve will protect your unit from water entering the ozone generator.  This is a must have piece of equipment if you are using water in any way with your ozone therapy sessions.


The O-95 comes set with maximum ozone output and efficiency.  If you wish to change the ozone output so it won't exceed a selected strength you can.  This is especially beneficial if you need the ozone strength to be set at a very low level.  An ozone output chart is included with every ozonator.

We can also customize the unit itself to suit your needs, for an additional fee.  We recently moved the Luer Lock fittings to the top of the unit for one customer.  If you're interested in customizing the machine, contact us for a price quote.

Full Features and Specifications

  • VDC Universal Power
  • Cold spark technology
  • Input 100-240 volts, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 amps
  • Voltage 11.7 VDC to 13.9 VDC
  • Oxygen feed required
  • Ozone output up to 95 Ug/ml (gammas) if using both cells
  • 3/16" inner tube size; 5/16" outer tube size
  • Dimensions:  9"x7"x3" painted aluminum
  • Pulse modulated cool corona discharge
  • Quiet performance
  • Check valve .25 psi
  • Made and manufactured in the USA
  • Wall mount holes
  • Secure Luer lock connections
  • Maximum PSI 15
  • Two switches, two ozone controls
  • All ozone-resistance components
  • Stable ozone concentration levels

What the O-95 Ozone Generator comes with:

  • Six feet of silicon tubing with Luer lock adapter
  • Six feet of oxygen tubing with Luer lock adapter
  • Three silicon adapters
  • Ozone DVD
  • Instruction Manual
  • Ug/ml Gamma Chart
  • Power Adapter
  • Ozone Resistant Check Valve
  • Luer Lock caps
  • Five Year Warranty
Return Policy: This unit is non-returnable. Special order modifications of the O3 Elite are not refundable nor returnable. Cancellations are subject to a minimum 20% restock fee.