S-100 Professional Steam Sauna Brochure


The S-100 Professional Steam Sauna

Steam Sauna Pro Steam Cabinet



The S-100 Professional Steam Sauna Cabinet is an American-made, ozone-ready, personal steam sauna cabinet suitable for both steam and ozone saunas. It being the only hard-shell sauna manufactured and assembled in the
United States, and with a 30-yr track record, you can be assured that this cabinet will give you decades of trouble-free service.

Ozone-Ready – The S-100 Professional Steam Sauna Cabinet is made with ozone-resistant components. The entire system is designed and installed with the presence of ozone in mind. The ozone port is pre-installed in the wall for maximum operability. Plus, the USA-built steam generator is constructed of Stainless steel and is sealed from the corrosive effects of ozone.

To create an ozone sauna: Hook up a supply of medical-grade oxygen (bottle or concentrator), pump the oxygen to a ozone generator, and then on to the steam cabinet through silicon tubing.

Stainless Steel Steamer – The electronics are hermetically-sealed from water, steam, and ozone by high-quality stainless steel. This minimizes the chance of corrosion or electrical shock!

Steam Vents – The USA-built boiler vents steam below the seat from two vents on each side to prevent "hot spots". This greatly adds to your safety and comfort.

Electronics are Self-Cooling – Electronics and heat don't mix! Despite the potential 131 degrees F sauna temperatures, your self-cooled electronics will remain trouble-free. Included is a low-water shutdown switch for added protection.

Fiberglass Construction – Aircraft-quality parts and the manufacturing process ensures quality, low-VOC's, strength, and durability!  Now, 
the smooth surface you find on the outside is also included on the inside!

Comfort! – Contour-molded, extra-strong, 4-position fiberglass seat, with water-proof cushion, and padded neck opening for your comfort.  Also, ships with a free lumbar support pillow.

Single Door – The entire weight of the sauna supports the door, which takes the stress off the stainless steel hinges; the overlapping design allows for easy entrance and exit.

<Easy-To-Fill Steamer – The S-100 can be easily filled under the seat with 7 liters of water to exactly the right level. Just pour in distilled or reverse osmosis purified water and begin heating the steamer up!

No Plumbing – The S-100 can be installed anywhere there is a common electrical outlet. And it is built on wheels to be easily moved through doors or up steps to any room of the house or office!

Maintenance – The S-100 requires very little maintenance as long as the prescribed water supply is used. Fewer parts naturally means fewer repairs!  A new drain provides an easy way to drain the cabinet when needed.

Digital Controls – 
The thermostat has 10 temperature settings up to 131 F, and a 60 minute timer. It will automatically shut off when the reservoir is empty to protect the stainless steel element.

Drip guard and floorboard- The drip guard in the door collects condensate and funnels it below the floorboard; so your feet won't be resting in a puddle!

Free Shipping – Free shipping by ground freight in the continental
United States. 


• Weight: 75 lbs
Weight Limit: 300 pounds
User Height: The best measurement for height is from the seat to the neck opening, due to variations in leg size. Sit in a chair and measure the height from the chair to the top of your shoulders to find your torso height. The Steam Sauna Pro accommodates people with torso heights ranging from approximately 20.5” to 26”.
• Dimensions: 27" W x 47" H x 37" D
• Floor space: 27" x 37" 
• Timer: 60 minutes
• Temperature settings: 10
• Warranty: 5 year limited(We carry all parts at our location)
• Power used: 115 volts, 10.8 Amps, UL approved components
• 240 volt available for countries requiring this voltage at no extra charge