S-200 Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Brochure


The S-200 Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna

The S-200 Hyperthermic Steam Sauna Cabinet


The S-200 Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna is the "Lexus" of steam sauna cabinets. State-of-the-art features make it the most pleasant sauna experience available today! Plus, the price remains competitive. Compare the following features of our steam sauna cabinet:

Ozone-Ready – The S-200 Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna is made with ozone-resistant components. The entire system is designed and installed with the presence of ozone in mind. The ozone port is pre-installed in the wall for maximum operability. Plus, the steam generator is constructed of stainless steel and is sealed from the corrosive effects of ozone.

To create an ozone sauna: Hook up a supply of medical-grade oxygen (bottle or concentrator), pump the oxygen to a ozone generator, and then on to the steam cabinet through silicon tubing.

Stainless Steel Steamer – The electronics are hermetically-sealed from water, steam, and ozone by high-quality stainless steel. No chance of corrosion or electrical shock with this system!

Digital Remote Control! – The only remote digital hand-held controller on the market! You use the pad to choose the amount of time you would like to be in the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet and set the temperature that's best for you. The steam temperature is pleasantly controlled to within 1 degree Fahrenheit of your selection.

Dispered Steam Jets – Patented steam jets at your back and feet are designed to divert the steam to prevent "hot spots". This greatly adds to your safety and comfort.

Electronics are Self-Cooling – Electronics and heat don't mix! Despite the potential 130 degrees F sauna temperatures, your self-cooled electronics will remain trouble-free.

Hand-Laid Cured Fiberglass Construction – Aircraft-quality parts and the hand-laid cured process ensures quality, strength, and durability!

Comfort! – Comfort-molded, extra-strong, 10-position fiberglass seat, and padded neck opening for your comfort.

Easy Access Double Doors – The front lip of the sauna has been lowered to only 1.5 inches off the floor for easy and safe, entry and exit.

Easy-To-Fill WaterPort – The S-200 Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna steamer can be easily filled to exactly the right level. Just pour in the purified water without removing the seats or covers!

Water Level Indicators – Always know the current water level with the easy-read sight glass. Also, has an exterior low-water level warning light when the steamer needs to be refilled with distilled or reverse-osmosis purified water.

No Plumbing or Drains – The S-200 Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna can be installed anywhere there is a common electrical outlet. And it is built on wheels to be easily moved through doors or up steps to any room of the house or office!

Four Safety Features! – Four proprietary devices protect you and your equipment:(1) Low-water shut-off switch, (2) timer shut-off switch, (3) a high-temperature limit shut-off switch, and (4) a fuse to protect the electronics.

Ease of Maintenance – The water may be easilly drained from the reservoir for extended storage if necessary. To clean the steam generator, simply remove the top cover screws. The electronics are all easily accessed from the front panel and the heating element may be easily replaced if necessary.

Leak-Resistant! – Employs a silicone “T” seal between the doors, and a no-drip lip on the front of the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna. This is to ensure that water, steam, and ozone do not leak out when the doors are closed.

The S-200 Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna is the state-of-the-art of personal steam sauna cabinets on the market. This cabinet is portable, fully assembled, and suitable for home or commercial use. If you would like to make the Hyperthermic Chamber steam sauna into an Ozone Sauna, all you have to do is add an oxygen source and ozone generator like our EXT120 Ozone Generator, or EXT120-T (with timer) Ozone Generator.

Is This Product is Right for Me?

If you wish to escape the stress of a busy life by enjoying the best personal steam sauna experience available in the home or office, then the S-200 Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna is what you are looking for. If you are a business owner running a fitness facility, salon, massage parlor, or health spa, then you can profit greatly from adding the services of a Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna, or Ozone Sauna, to the services you already offer. Up to half-hour sessions can be offered and your profits may rise accordingly. Please see our "Profits for your Business" section below.

How is it made?

The S-200 Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna is made from strong and smooth "hand laid" Fiberglass, and heat cured to prevent the outgassing of harmful VOC's (volatile organic compounds) present in the competitor's cabinets. This makes the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna the highest quality, crack-free, and stress fracture resistant cabinet on the market today.

The competitor's models are sometimes made of molded plastic, or sprayed or chopped fiberglas, that will either bend, crack, or melt due to insufficient strength and poor heat distribution. They can also give off VOC's that have given fiberglas steam sauna cabinets a bad name in the field of ozone therapy.

The doors are fastened to the body of the Hyperthermic Chamber with three high-quality stainless steel hinges on each door to ensure the doors are securely fastened. (Other companies use flimsy aluminum or light plastic).

How it Works:

The S-200 Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna generates purified steam from distilled or Reverse-Osmosis purified water, which flows evenly into the cabinet space, slowly and gently raising the temperature inside the cabinet to the level specified by the user or attendant. This raises the user's body temperature and opens up the pores in the skin to sweat out toxins, and absorb ozone, if desired, directly into the bloodstream.

The Vortex Steam Generator:

The S-200 Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna employs a VORTEX steam generator which is a stainless steel, computer-controlled steam generating system designed specifically for the comfort and relaxation of the user. The user or attendant sets the time and temperature on the hand-held digital remote control. A thermocouple inside the cabinet senses the internal temperature and relays it to the controls of the VORTEX steam generator, instructing it to increase or decrease production of steam. The temperature range is between room temperature and 130 degrees Fahrenheit, and the VORTEX steam generator will supply precisely the right amount of steam to maintain the set temperature inside the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna.

Steam Generator/Adjustable Seat
Adjustable Seat Rails above the Vortex Steam Generator cabinet

Heat Distribution:

The steam is dispersed into the cabinet through four separate ports behind the back and beside the feet. Specially-designed steam deflection vents help avoid the "hot spots" common in other cabinets.


Access: Double doors; open outward for easy access; front lip of sauna 1.5 inches (3.81cm) above floor level for extremely easy access


Click here for diagram:

40 L x 28 W x 48 H (inches) (101.63cm L x 71.12cm W x 121.92cm H) with doors closed
50 L x 38 W x 48 H (inches) (127cm L x 96.52cm W x 121.92cm H) with doors open

Seating: 10 height-position, ergonomically-molded seat for precise adjustment; padded comfortable neck opening

Weight: 110 lbs or 50 kgs

Power: 120 or 220 Volt AC / 11.7 amps

Time and Temperature Controls: Hand Held digital remote control allows you to choose temperature and time. It then goes into "display" mode showing actual temperature inside the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna and time remaining in the session

Steam Source: Sealed Stainless Steel VORTEX Steam Generator (Ozone-proof, water-proof, steam-proof).

Steam Delivery: Four (4) independent steam vents for maximum steam and heat distribution. Foot-level steam jets protected by "Safe Steam" deflectors.

Enclosure: Hand-Laid and cured Fiberglas; extremely strong and sturdy; high gloss finish

Mobility: Heavy Duty Castors on back for easy rolling; fits through standard doorway

Water Reservoir: 6 Liter internal water reservoir; refill through Easy-Fill port below seat without removing any screws, tops, or seat.

Space Requirements for the Hyperthermic Chamber:

Click here for information regarding the space requirements for the S-200 Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna

Steam Sauna Cabinet Diagrams--(Click here!)


The S-200 Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna is designed for your personal safety to be the safest steam sauna cabinet on the market today:

Four-phase Safety Backup System:

• Sealed Stainless Steel Steamer - hermetically sealed from water, steam, and ozone to give you a lifetime of trouble-free and safe operation.

• "Timer" - the automatic timer allows you to set the duration of your sauna up to 30 minutes at a time. The time can be set in increments of 5 minutes and will automatically shut off the production of steam to ensure that the sauna does not run too long or run out of water.

• Low-Water sensor - The most sophisticated electronic water sensor of its kind. Placed inside the VORTEX steam generator, it automatically monitors the level of the water inside the reservoir, and shuts down the system when the water level is too low.

• "Heat Sensor" - For the safety of the user, in the unlikely event that the low-water sensor should fail and the reservoir runs out of water, this heat sensor detects the increase in temperature of the reservoir, and the system is immediately shut down.

ETL Approval 


The S-200 Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna is fully inspected, as is our factory, and has been granted ETL Approval. This is your assurance that it is an extremely high-quality and safe machine to use.

We offer you the highest quality products on the market. As such, the Hyperthermic Chamber Ozone-Ready Steam Sauna Cabinet carries the best quality guarantee on the market today:

1. ETL Approved: Proven Quality, Proven Safety
2. One year guarantee, parts and labor

What does "ETL Approved" mean?

ETL Approval is your assurance that professional inspectors are monitoring the manufacturer, his processes and procedures, and the quality of the products produced. It is an internationally recognized seal of Quality, Safety, and Professional Manufacturing.

• ETL Approval is only granted to companies after rigorous inspections and testing of the product
• The product is taken from the company, and completely disassembled. All components and the way that they have been assembled (right down to the wires) are inspected and compared to Canadian and US regulations.
• If the product passes, the factory is then inspected for professionalism and to ensure that quality controls are in place. These quality controls in the factory ensure that every single instrument is the same high quality as the last one that was produced.

In order to keep the ETL Approval, Intensive Factory surprise inspections take place four times per year. If the factory does not pass, the ETL Approval is revoked. In order to retain this seal of approval we need to ensure that our factory quality controls and production methods remain outstanding.

Our ETL Approval proves to you that you are purchasing a professionally built, high quality, and safe product. All steam sauna cabinets combine water and electricity, and possibly ozone. Doesn't it make sense to know for sure that these compounds and electricity are combined safely?

Potential Profit for Your Business:

The S-200 Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna can potentially bring tremendous income to your new or existing business, providing possibly thousands of dollars income per month. This added income can be achieved by providing sessions in the Hyperthermic Chamber as part of your salon, massage, spa, WellnessCenter, or HealthCenter services.

Across the USA and Canada (and around the world), the Hyperthermic Chamber is being offered to customers in a wide variety of businesses:

• Wellness Centers
• Day Spas
• Medical Clinics
• Hair Salons
• Health Spas
• Massage Centers
• Tanning Salons
• Fitness Facilities

Proprietors usually organize time in the Hyperthermic Chamber much like a tanning salon sells time in the tanning booth or bed. These sessions require so little staffing that one attendant can handle up to 10 Hyperthermic Chambers at a time.

Customers can drop by their local center on the way to work, after work, or during the day for a quick sauna session in the Hyperthermic Chamber.

Pricing your Service to Customers:

The service offered is usually a 30 minute session in the sauna. Prices range from $25.00 - $75.00 per 1/2 hour session depending upon your local market. The average price throughout the USA is $40.00 per 30 minute session.

Even using the system on only 1 client per day, your yearly revenue could increase by almost $10,000.00 per year!

• Average number of clients* using the system in a practice is 10. This results in a yearly revenue of almost $100,000.00 for your business!

*Based on an informal telephone survey of our customers. The above information and figures are intended for your information only and should not be considered as a guarantee of income.