About Us


The Oxygen Spa Superstore's mission is to provide Professionals and home users alike with high quality, professional equipment for longevity, life extension, and life enhancement. We are an authorized distributor of the leading manufacturers of ozone generators, oxygen concentrators, steam/infrared sauna cabinets, air and water purification, and food supplements for healthy living.

We are committed to providing you, the customer, with exceptional customer service and only Quality and Safety-Proven, Professional equipment. All of our products are fully inspected and either CAS, UL, or ETL Approved for your safety. The factories are inspected (surprise inspections) by the authorities 4 times per year to ensure that our Quality Controls remain in place.

Personal note from the founder of the Oxygen Spa Superstore:

"I was first, a satisfied customer of our manufacturer. I used the oxygen spa (O2 concentrator, O3 generator, and steam sauna) while fighting my Lyme Disease, and recovered in a few weeks. In addition, my son used an oxygen spa in later stages of his Systemic Lupus, a supposedly "incureable", auto-immune disease. After about 1 1/2 years of saunas, he tested negative for Lupus! While we don't make any medical claims or promise any cures for any disease, we do believe that the use of an oxygen spa has multiple, beneficial effects for those who use it in a disciplined and informed mannner."

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