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EXT 120-T "Ultra" Ozone Generator™

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The EXT 120-T "Ultra"(with Timer) Ozone Generator is the "commercial grade" model. It is the highest quality ozone generator available on the market for professional or home use, with a built-in digital countdown timer. It digitally produces a large range of medical-grade Ozone concentrations from medical-grade oxygen, and is built to last a lifetime. It can be mounted to a wall or a Plexiglas Frame to stand on a tabletop. Here are some of its popular features:

• Suitable for any protocols due to its full range of ozone concentrations (1ug/ml - 120ug/ml). By adjusting the oxygen flow to the ozone generator, there are over 50 different ozone concentrations available for every purpose you may have. Competitors' models can only provide up to half this number.

• Ozone Output - A chart is provided in the owner's manual showing how to achieve all the various ozone concentrations available from the EXT 120-T Ozone Generator.

• All internal components, including the glass electrode and Silicon tubing are Ozone resistant

• Ease of use-- Easy to read owner's manual plus the Oxygen Spa Superstore's free customer service and consultation to assist you.

Designed for dual voltage, 110 or 220 v input.  Just plug in and turn on!

• Quality, Professional Manufacturing - We have the inspections and seals of approval (ETL Approved) to show that this is the most state-of-the-art ozone generator available to the public. They are manufactured in a ISO 9000-registered factory.

• Can be mounted on a wall or stood up on a table top.

• Lifetime Warranty on the
Corona Discharge Tube

The EXT 120-T Ozonation System Package:

We offer the EXT 120-T Ozone Generator alone, or with added accessories that allow you to do water ozonation, ear insuflations, ozone breathing treatments, and other speciallized procedures. A package that allows our customers to do all of these procedures is listed below. This full package includes:

• EXT 120-T "Ultra" Ozone Generator with built-in digital countdown/automatic shut-off timer
• 240 or 640-liter Oxygen Tank
• Pediatric Oxygen Regulator (flows 1/32 - 4 lpm)
• 2- 50 ml Glass Bubblers
• 1- 500-ml Glass Ozonating Water Flask
• Catalytic Ozone Destruct Tube to destroy off gassing Ozone
• Tubing/Connectors Accessories Package
• Plexiglas Frame for table top stand or wall mount; or briefcase

You may delete any of these items that you do not need and we will deduct the value of these items from the purchase price. Call or write and we will be glad to custom-design a system for your specific needs.

Which Ozone Generator Should I Buy?

The EXT 120-T "Ultra" is our commercial-grade model for professionals and business uses anywhere in the world. It can be cycled on and off continuously and indefinitely, with no heat build-up. It can be supplied to anyone needing a professionally-built ozonator that produces extremely pure, contaminant-free ozone. Add to that the best quality and safety approval (ETL Approval) available, and this is your guarantee that you are buying the absolute best ozone generator on the market today.

How is it Different from Other Models?

The EXT 120-T "Ultra" is different from our other models, and the competition's in the following ways:

• Output: Same as the EXT 120 (1ug/ml to 120ug/ml). Both have the widest range of ozone concentrations available in any generator, which allows the operator to perform any procedure that he desires. Precise control of the ozone concentration to one of over 50 concentrations within that range put these machines in a class by themselves.

• Built-in Timer!: The EXT 120-T "Ultra" is the only ozone generator on the market with a built-in digital countdown timer. This allows the operator to set the timer to automatically shut off the EXT 120-T after the preset time has elapsed. The timer can be set from a few minutes up to several weeks, if required.

• Size: Due to the built-in timer, the EXT 120-T "Ultra" is slightly larger than the EXT 120 (see "Specifications" for exact dimensions). While it can be transported in a briefcase, it is more suited for permanent wall or table-top installations.

• EMF Shielded!: All of our generators have shields against transmission of EMF Fields.

• Professionally Produced!: All of our products are ETL Approved and built in our 30,000 square foot ISO 9000-Registered factory, which is your assurance of the highest possible quality controls. Because of this fact, we can guarantee the quality of our generators and your safety. Many of our competitors' facilities and their machines have never been inspected by anyone!

What Makes It Work?

State-of-the-Art Cold Corona Discharge.

Our EXT Ozone Generators produce ozone by a process called "Cold Corona Discharge". This is the only process that can guarantee the highest range of ozone concentrations and stable ozone outputs required for the most stringent of scientific applications. The old processes of ozone production, cold plasma and UV light, produce insufficient and unstable ozone outputs.

Our EXT Ozone Generators can be fed with medical-grade oxygen, from our oxygen bottles or oxygen concentrators. The oxygen flows between two layers of glass through a very high-quality, double-walled, quartz glass tube. We then generate a very smooth, cool, electrical field around the entire tube at a consistent and low voltage, which cannot spark or arc. According to the concentration set by the operator, the electrical field flashes intermittently to produce the exact concentration of ozone called for.

The operator can control the ozone concentration in two ways:

1. The Oxygen Flow Rate: This is set by the dial on the oxygen concentrator or the pediatric regulator on an oxygen bottle, and is the rate at which the oxygen enters the ozone generator. As the oxygen flow rate is increased the oxygen spends less time in the ozone generator, therefore producing less ozone.

2. A Digital controller on the Ozone Generator: Use use this controller to adjust your ozone concentration. Setting this 10-position LED control on the ozone generator control panel speeds up or slows down the rates at which the electrical field flashes on and off around the double walled glass tube. When combined with varying oxygen feed rates, you get over 50 different concentrations of ozone produced, compared to only 5 ozone concentrations total in other models. This assures you that whatever the application, you have the machine you need to produce the exact concentration required.


Ozone Generation: The silent pulse-injection cold-corona discharge process is a low voltage, cold process involving no heat, arcing, or sparking, which allows us to give you the customer a lifetime warranty on the discharge tube (see warranty section below).

Ozone output: 1ug/ml to 120ug/ml (over 50 concentrations to choose from); widest range in the industry.

Special features: Built-in digital countdown timer.

Size: 11" H x 6" W x 4.5 D" (355 mm x 178 mm x 104 mm)

Weight: 4 lbs.

Power: 120, 220, 240 v. AC, 50-60Hz 

Configuration: Cabinet is powder-coated with a tan-colored epoxy paint, EMF Shielded, and furnished with key holes in the back for wall or panel mounting. The Plexiglas Frame accessory allows for mounting of the generator and all accessories. The frame may be mounted on a wall or table top.

Installation: Just mount vertically where desired with bottom of case open to room air. Comes with oxygen supply (clear) tubing connected to oxygen inlet port, and Ozone outlet (opaque) tubing connected to ozone outlet.

ETL Approved: CSA and UL certification mean proven quality, assured safety, and professional manufacturing.

Proof of Professional Manufacturing: The ISO 9000 registration of our 30,000 sq. ft. factory and ETL approval of our machines is the best proof available in the market.

Customer Service: Call the Oxygen Spa Superstore toll-free for free consultation on our machines or your procedures!

Warranty: Exclusive Lifetime Warranty on the Glass Cold-Corona Discharge Tube;
5 year parts and labor on all other components.

Ozone Control:

1. Change the flow of oxygen to the generator, or
2. Change the 10-position switch setting on the ozone generator to change the frequency of the Cold Corona Discharge electric field

Full instructions and easy to read Output Chart are included in the manual.

Ozone Output:

• The EXT 120-T produces the widest range of ozone concentrations available on the world market (from 1ug/ml to 120ug/ml).

• Designed for use in all of the accepted ozone therapy procedures throughout the world. Reduces the time required for high-concentration protocols.

Ozone Stability

Ozone concentration stability is assured by the cold corona discharge process for any length of procedure.

Quality Guarantee

Our ozone generators are the most state-of-the-art, highest-quality generators on the market. Our guarantee of this quality is backed by three things:

• ETL Approval: Your assurance of quality, safety, and professional Manufacturing.

• ISO 9000-Registered Factory - This registration is internationally recognized as being very difficult to obtain.

• Lifetime Warranty on the discharge tube


1. ETL Approval:

When you shop for products on the internet and talk to the sellers, each seller will claim that his product is "the best"! So how do you decide what company to trust? Start by certifying that the product has received ETL Approval! The ETL Logo gives buyers confidence that this is a quality-built, and safe machine to use for its intended purpose.

Independent ETL Inspectors continually inspect our manufacturing processes, procedures, and machines before placing their seal of quality and safety on them.

Don't trust a home-made device that uses high voltage and pure oxygen to create ozone!

The Meaning of "ETL Approval"

ETL Approval is a seal of quality, safety, and professional manufacturing that is recognized world-wide for its non-biased inspections.

• To be granted this seal, the factory and machines must undergo rigorous inspections and testing.

• The machines are taken from the company, completely disassembled, and all components are inspected and compared to a set of Canadian and US regulations.

• Assuming the product passes this test, then the factory and its manufacturing processes are inspected for professionalism and quality controls to ensure that each machine produced will be of the same high quality as the tested machine.

These surprise factory inspections take place 4 times per year to force the manufacturer to continue to achieve the high standards required of continuing ETL Approval.

The ETL Approval of our EXT120-T ozone generator is proof that you are purchasing a professionally-built, high-quality, and safe product.

2. ISO 9000-Registered Factory:

ISO (International Standards Organization) is a registry service of Professional Factories around the world. ISO Registration is the highest form of quality control in the world. Our factory is ISO 9000 Registered, which was only granted after rigorous inspections of our factory processes and quality control methods.

3. Warranty:

The pricipal component of the EXT120-T, the Cold Corona quartz glass tubes, are produced from the highest-quality quartz glass on the planet! We are so confident in this manufacturing process, that we give you a Lifetime Warranty on the Quartz Glass Tube covering you against "burn out" of this glass tube due to manufacturing or production errors for the lifetime of the ozone generator.