O-110 Ozone Generator


The O-110 Ozone Generator features quiet, efficient, dual ozone cells, universal voltage, Luer lock connections and more great features.

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The O-110 Ozone Generator is made in the USA, and is an ideal source for creating ozone for use with ozone therapy.  Potential uses of ozone therapy include drinking ozonated water, insufflations, using in combination with steam or far infrared saunas, and more. 

The O-110 Ozone Generator features ultra pure Cold Corona Ozone Technology and is fed by an oxygen source, either an oxygen tank or oxygen concentrator (both sold separately).  See our oxygen options if you need a unit.  The O-110 takes the oxygen coming in and transforms it from two molecules of oxygen to three (O3).  After about a half hour, the molecules break up again into one stable oxygen unit and one singlet oxygen molecule.  It is this singlet that does the work in ozone therapy.

The O-110 Ozonator is designed to produce stable ozone concentrations up to 110 gamma at different oxygen flow rates.  The concentration will not diminish over time and will result in consistent ozone output for as long as the ozone generator is used.  The O-110 comes with 20 different ozone settings (not including change in oxygen level).  Each ozone output setting is recorded on an easy to read chart that will allow the user to pick the exact output desired.

Each O-110 Ozone unit is individually tested for ozone output and efficiency.  Customizable output is available by request.  It's also available in a Professional Package that includes an oxygen tank, regulator and heavy duty adjustable case.


Special Features in Brief:

  • Thick aluminum body, powder-coated
  • Cold corona ozone technology
  • Stainless steel Luer lock fittings
  • Two ceramic ozone cells
  • Dual stage - two cells that can be used together or separately - both fully adjustable
  • Universal voltage, 100-240 volts.  Use it anywhere with no step-down transformer
  • Extremely quiet operation from low-voltage, optimally efficient cells
  • Cleanable ozone cells
  • No cooling fan needed - keeps the unit cleaner and makes it last longer
  • Check valve protects your unit from water entering the ozone generator
  • Wall mount holes make it easy to mount unit on any wall, or you can keep it on a counter or table - ultimate portability and functionality
  • Easy maintenance
  • All parts made and inspected in the USA
  • Ozone output chart included with each generator
  • Lifetime warranty!

About the O-110 Ozonator

The O-110 is a dual cell ozone generator designed for performance and efficiency.  It comes in a thick aluminum case with 316 grade stainless steel Luer lock fittings.  These allow the user to securely connect tubing to the ozone generator, eliminating any chance of the tubing becoming loose or falling off.  Wall mount holes have been added to allow the user to place the ozonator on a flat surface or attach it to the wall.  Attachment is not permanent - you can mount it to the wall and easily remove it for use in another location.

All of the components of the O-110 are manufactured in the United States, including the ceramic ozone cells that will not burn out like glass cells.  You can use one cell or two depending on your situation.  Each cell is adjustable, allowing you to set the output at your desired level.

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